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S and S Miller Wagyu

Our Farm

Small Family Wagyu Farm in Wisconsin

Steve and Sally Miller wagyu and Hereford Farm is a small family farm located in the beautiful coulee region of Wisconsin. We are dedicated to raising the finest quality Wagyu beef in a sustainable and responsible way. We believe that in order to do this we must also be stewards of the land. That is why we are committed to being a small family farm. Steve still farms the same land that his father and grandfather did. The land that raised his children and is cherished by his now grandchildren. 

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Our Story

Local Family Farming Tradition

Steve and Sally Miller, the S and S in the name, is a family-owned and operated farm with a long history of farming in the region. They purchased the farm from Steve's father in 1983. Their love for the land and the animals they raise is deeply rooted in their family's farming tradition, and they are proud to continue this legacy. All of their children play a role in maintaining the farm along with farming their own land. Their passion for raising the finest quality wagyu beef comes from their desire to provide customers with a unique and exceptional culinary experience. They believe that the care and attention given to the animals and land is reflected in the quality of their beef. They strive to share this commitment to excellence with all their customers.

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