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Get to Know Our Herd

Our Wagyu

Like many other fans of Waygu beef, we fell in love with our first bite. That love blossomed into a commitment to not only replicate that heavenly flavor but to further grow in its depth. Steve Miller is our leading expert on raising quality beef and is a member of the American Waygu Association. His passion for excellence has lead to a growing family of fullblooded Waygu cows that are all at least 98% pure Waygu. Every single animal has registered genetics proving its pedigree and providing our customers reassurance that they are eating the purest Waygu steaks in the country. This herd is truly the jewel of S and S Miller Farms.

Our Wagyu/Hereford Mix

We are also proud to raise a mixed herd, creating a unique blend of bold Hereford and buttery Wagyu. These fine animals are raised alongside with our Waygu fullbloods and receive the same special treatment as their cousins. Although Hereford may be seen as a cheaper source of beef, S and S Miller Farms specifically made the switch from the more aggressive Angus because of their priority as a family farm. If you would like to learn more about our perspective on family farming or about our mixed beef, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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